Oh, the Humanity of the 2011 Range Rover HSE

Luxury cars are very good at masking their shortcomings. Simply by the act of having a navigation system, people may look past its flaws.  If the ventilated seat only has one setting, well, who cares because you at least have a ventilated seat.  A fancy pants car may only get 12 miles to the gallon but you get a massive V8 that will still dazzle even the most environmentally conscious of us.  Luxury cars have an ability and budget to mask their flaws, and many will look past the flaws and fawn over the successes with aplomb.

2011 Range Rover HSE

Not me.  I happen to like a flawed hero.


Case in point, the 2011 Land Rover Range Rover HSE. All the systems are simple and easy to use.  All the buttons make sense.  All the expected luxurious accouterments are present and accounted for.  The seats are beautiful leather with a perfect fit.  The rear passengers are coddled with heated and ventilated seats.  All media is new and modern, except two things.  The Range Rover HSE had archaic CD and DVD changers, the kind with a cartridge that contained six sleeves in which to place your CD’s or DVD’s.  This was such a non sequitur in a vehicle that’s a slice of modern luxury perfection.

Retro DVD Cartridge


I don’t care, to me it says “I’m ALMOST perfect, but not quite.  Like you.”  Like when you go to a neatnick friend’s house and it’s messy or when you find out that the perfect parent has actually indulged their kid in some non-organic fried food.  It just takes the pressure off a little, makes the Range Rover a little more human.  It also makes me feel like the Rover isn’t too good for me, which could easily go the other way with its massive price tag of $88,845.  So what do I love most about the 2011 Range Rover HSE?  It knows I’m human and loves me anyway.

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  1. This was an outstanding article! I loved the connection between the car and being human and loved….

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