2012 Ford Focus Hatchback Has Zipper Longing For More

You know what’s great about being a zipper?  Darn near everything, that’s what.  Like how I can get from Point A to Point B so efficiently.  Like how I’m simple, straight, and pretty slick.  I look streamlined and new and will still look that way years from now.

But I want to be so much more

No, I’m not the fastest thing on the planet.  I’ll do what you ask I’ll get the job done with a little vigor.  I can round corners pretty well, and stop without any squishiness.  I am stylish and utilitarian at the same time.  But still, I long to be more.

I want to be the 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback.

Like me, Point A to Point B is the Focus’s specialty.  And like me, it’s not the fastest thing on the planet, but it’ll get you where you need to go with a little pep.  You can carry a good amount of stuff, unless you’re a contractor or a hockey goalie.  But we all know goalies and contractors use duct tape and Velcro, not zippers.  If I were a Focus Hatchback, I would carry the load with joy, knowing I was accomplishing a larger task, achieving a larger vision for myself.

A bigger, better zipper

We zippers keep our interiors hidden but Ford seems proud of the Focus’s innards.  I would love to show off my inner beauty.  I would love to have a little animated feature on a touch screen.  Bluetooth connectivity makes for a happy driving experience, as do jacks for all kinds of devices.  Add the optional heated seats in the front and MyFord Touch touch-screen information/entertainment system that’s fairly easy to use after some time is spent with it.

It’s topped off with some quality materials and details, it feels very solid.  Interesting angles on the instrument cluster keep the Focus feeling modern, as do the interesting angles on the headlights and taillights.  The Focus looks like me, just bigger.

Details aplenty

Remember the efficiency?  The Focus gets an estimated 27/37 mpg’s.  With a base price of $21,065, you can zip around all you want.   To get those seats and the MyFord Touch system, you have to add a couple packages that push the price to $24,720.  I can only hope that in my next life, I’ll be a 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback.






2012 Ford Focus Hatchback


2012 5-Dr Hatchback

2.0L i4 GDI Engine

6-Spd Auto Transmission

Cloth seats

16” Allow wheels

Fog Lamps

CD/MP3 Player

EPA Fuel Economy Estimates


MyFord Touch & Sony Panel

Winter Package

Heated Seats

Power Mirrors


17” Alloy wheels






Government Safety Ratings

Standard Price:


Front Crash
Driver: Not Rated
Passenger: Not Rated
Side Crash
Front Seat: Not Rated
Rear Seat: Not Rated
Not Rated

Price as Tested:



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  1. john c.

    wow! thanks for turning me on to this car, zipper! i like what you do, i bet i’ll like the focus! that is alot of highway mpg

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