2011 Nissan Juke Meets The Honey Badger

This is what happens when you watch too much YouTube. First, you watch this:

Then, you write stuff like this:

Look at that crazy Nissan Juke! Nissan Juke don’t care if you think it’s ugly. Juke don’t give a shit, you know why? Because off-road the Juke is a total badass. The huge headlights, tall stance and high fenders set up some big expectations, but Juke didn’t care. Juke just said “let me at that nasty rally road.”

I adjusted the Juke to Sport Mode and took off onto the rally course. And it was totally crazy. It looked at the massive holes in the dirt road and the hills and it was fearless. The Nissan Juke has a short body and an aggressive stance. It’s got crazyass crocodile eyes and it doesn’t care what it’s up against. It did so well on the rally course, I bet it would smack the shit out of some snowstorm. Snow on the ground? Nissan Juke don’t give a shit. And all the other cars were left to pick up Nissan Juke’s scraps. Look at that Nissan Juke:

Juke don’t give a shit if you’re comfortable. But I was. It was crazy, seats all hugging my body and…Ew! What’s that center console doing? Oh my gosh, it’s so badass it changes driving modes with the push of a button. Most of you all aren’t going to be taking your cars on rally courses. You’re probably only going on a dirt road when you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere, but that could be the most badass wrong turn you ever made. Honey Badger would be proud if Honey badger gave a shit.

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Special thanks to Phil Shuyler at Orchard Entertainment for the video clips!

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