What Christmas Bringeth, The 2014 Tundra Taketh Away

Hey, you still got the lights up?  The fruitcake on the counter?  The tree in the room, half undecorated?  It’s all good.  The 2014 Toyota Tundra can take that stuff away for you.  It’ll also take away all those Zappos boxes (oh, you were a good gift-giver this year), wrapping-paper tubes, and garland.

2014 Toyota Tundra

2014 Toyota Tundra Having A White…January








But what about the other days you’ve spent, the ones not taking down the tree and the garland and eating the fruitcake?  The Tundra will handle skiing, as well as returning all those clothes you received from Aunt Sally that aren’t exactly your style.  It’s even a champ in the drop-off lane at school, getting the kids back on task with ease.  The back seat is huge with only a small hump in the floor for the kids to scramble over.

I loved the storage in the Tundra, particularly the center console that would fit my purse, and more!  The lid of the console had spots to house a travel tissue pack, pens, and even a clip for papers.  Well done, Tundra.

photo 2014 Toyota Tundra At The Tree Recycling Lot2

2014 Toyota Tundra At The Tree Recycling Lot








So what to do with the Tundra when all the post-Christmas errands are done?  Spring clean!

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