The Promise of a Pickup

I can’t figure it out.  Every time I get a pickup truck to test, the kids in my neighborhood come flocking to my house.  They ask if they can all sit in the truck.  Not in the front, not in the crew cab. In the back.  They want to picnic, they want to sit back there in camping chairs and read.  My own kids asked if they could sit back there and do their homework. They want to go for rides, they get bummed out when I have to give the truck back.

2013 GMC Sierra Denali

I think it’s the promise.  It’s the potential.  If a pickup is around, interesting things can happen at any moment.  Big piles of dirt may need to be hauled.  Camping may need to be done.  Someone may need to move and they may just buy you pizza if you help. Towing a variety of things could be an option and if you help tow it, maybe you can ride it, build it, or dump it.

It doesn’t matter how swanky the pickup is (as in the enchanting 2013 GMC Sierra Denali) or how utilitarian it is (2013 Dodge Ram 1500) the kids want to go anywhere and do anything to fulfill their truck fantasies.

Dodge Ram 1500-Reading nook?


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