Parking Lot Manifesto

In light of my recent incident with a power liftgate in the grocery store parking lot, I present to you the Parking Lot Manifesto.

Parking like a boss


With regard to pedestrians: I will be patient with pedestrians even when they seem to be walking slower than they should; I will not rev my engine or encroach on the crosswalk when pedestrians are present.

With regard to general lot etiquette:  If my power liftgate does not chime, I will not open it unless the coast is clear; I will not drive perpendicular to the aisles; I will not steal a parking spot when someone else has their blinker on before I do (I also recognize that we all know who had their blinker on first); I will not be disrespectful when I do not get the parking spot for which I had my blinker on; I will not drive through the parking lot looking at my mobile phone; I will always do my best to drive in the designated direction of the aisle; I will not sit in a parking spot with my vehicle in Reverse while checking my email, voicemail, Facebook, etc.


With regard to drivers: I will walk responsibly, not taking the route down the center of the aisle nor walking in a long diagonal line from one side of the aisle to the other;  I will give proper indication if I am just putting items in the car and then returning to the store;  I will not walk through the parking lot while looking at my mobile phone.

With regard to general lot etiquette: I will return the cart to the corral or front of the store, whichever is applicable.

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  1. Suzanne

    Love this. Might I add: “I will carefully open my car door (and the doors of my rug-rats) by maneuvering my hand between the doors edge so as not to ding my neighbor.”

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