2014 Jeep Cherokee Hopes to Host “This Is Your Life”

My friend Kari’s mom drove a Jeep Cherokee and Kari also drove it for a short time in college. Its seats were brown and blue plaid if I remember correctly. Updated now but still with brown and blue seats as an option, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee really close to Kari’s Mom’s Cherokee in character. I imagine this new generation of Cherokee also getting handed down from parent to kid, I imagine Jeep does too.

2014 Jeep Cherokee

I know they hope lots of college students will still drive this version home from their friend’s house the morning after a party.  I’m certain it will take loads of kids skiing.  People will lay on the hood above the iconic Jeep grille and look at the stars like in the commercials, particularly the Trailhawk trim in all its red-towhooked trail-rated glory.  Then they’ll realize laying on a hood not that comfortable.  I digress.


Cherokee Limited Interior

Some of these Cherokees will go camping.  Many will go through the drop-off/pick-up lane at school.  Many will carry dioramas and soccer gear.  Jeep is probably hoping your Cherokee will get puked in and puked on, that horrible music will be played on the stereo,  and boyfreinds and girlfriends will be discussed in it’s hallowed interior.  Breakups and makeups will happen and bags will carried off to college in them.


2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited Wants Your Kids To Puke In It

Maybe I’m glorifying the Cherokee a bit, playing into the nostalgia of a vehicle that seemed to be in every other driveway in Colorado in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Kari’s Cherokee shuttled me from movie theater to movie theater, college town to college town. I have to believe my generation won’t be the last to make wonderful and terrifying life decisions in it.

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