2012 New York Auto Show: Is Matte the New Black?

For decades auto manufacturers and car owners have strived to produce the shiniest of shiny paint.  Waxes and polishes maintain whatever candy apple, charcoal metallic or bright white may be your color of choice.  Clear coats and clear bras protect the endeavor, and car washes with quick services aim to show off whatever level of gloss you’ve achieved.

So what’s American car culture going to do with all these gorgeous new matte paint jobs?  Is matte the new black?  Are consumers going to go for this new finish?  Or is matte going to reside mostly on the show floor?  It sure photographs better than the glossy cars under all those auto show lights.


  1. Suzanne

    While my very first car was a slippery “canary yellow” followed by an ultra sheen “candy apple red,” my grown up tastes have let go of the ‘look at me gleaming colors’ to the more muted, ‘blend in with the masses’ decor. Is it maturity? Coincidence that my ticketed road infractions have lessened? Perhaps the trend of matte finish combined with a powerful electric blue as in the above BMW 335i will be the perfect blend and stepping stone to the impending mid-life crisis.

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