Corvettes and Queso

I drove up to Qdoba the other day expecting nothing more than my favorite 3-cheese nachos.  What welcomed me from the parking lot was a different kind of treat.

It was parked all by itself, and I just had to get some pictures.  This beauty was spotless, and I admired the driver’s guts at parking it right up front.  I snapped some pics with my phone and headed inside.

Sitting there with his daughter was the owner of the ‘Vette.  We chatted for a brief moment, I asked him if he’d mind if I put pictures of his car up here.  He asked me if I’d like to see under the hood.

Well, yes!  We went outside and I snapped a couple shots of the engine and the interior.  It was gorgeous.  But there was something more interesting about all this to me.

I was reminded of the exact same outings I used to take with my dad when I was a kid.  My dad had (and still has) a Porsche 911 SC and we would go out for drives and stop for lunch somewhere along the way.  It was wonderful time spent together.  It was leisurely in regards to when we got home, but we definitely cruised at a brisk pace.  Most trips ended with a roll of quarters being deposited at the car wash, the cap on the end of the day.

While many see a project car as a person’s individual indulgence or some sort of crisis, I see them as what they were for me: An opportunity to get out of town for a day and spend mellow time with my dad.  His car wasn’t just his indulgence, but mine too.

When I asked the daughter if there were people like me taking pictures of the car everywhere they went, she sighed patiently and said, “Yeah.”  I know what that’s like, but I would bet that she loves it.  If not today then certainly when she sees herself years from now, mirrored in another  kid, out to lunch with her dad.


  1. What a beautiful car and a beautiful story. It made me remember going for long motorcycle rides with my dad, enjoying the countryside. Thanks! I hadn’t thought of that in a long time.

    • Thank you Jenni. I’m so glad it sparked a good memory for you. Nice to travel back from time to time.

  2. Wow: ” An opportunity to get out of town for a day and spend mellow time with my dad.” Very cool story here. Thanks for the sweet pics also. We are going to share this story with our corvette community!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to share this!!

  3. Great story sis… i remember those drives with pop too… but he would never park in the front!!!

  4. Joe, Zaccagnino

    This is a great car, with a lot of soul. I watched it be restored. I’m a car guy, and some car are more than the some of there parts. To the guys my age, it takes us back to our youth and a time when route 66 was on tv and we all wanted this car. It’s great to see this car come back to life.
    Thanks for the memories!!! From an old hotroder.

    • Hi Joe, what a treat to have seen this car in the works. I’m so happy her owner let me post the pictures, he was very gracious. Thanks for coming by to check in on her!

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