Chrysler’s Soulful Acts of Peace and Humanitarianism

“Do something!”  The cries for help after a tragic event beg to be answered, but how do you accomplish that simple command when your world has crumbled around you?  Jeep responded to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti by sending six Jeep Wranglers there through Sean Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO).


Chrysler 300 In Chicago

As a guest of Chrysler LLC, I had the opportunity to attend the 2012 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Chicago where Sean Penn accepted an award for J/P HRO’s response to and continued work after the earthquake in Haiti.  The group feeds, clothes, and provides medical attention to displaced Haitians.  It’s a study in persistence and friendship that the organization is still there and functioning today.  It’s also a perfect partnership for Jeep.  Its capability lends itself to humanitarian missions in the rubble of a country destroyed by an earthquake.  Interestingly, there was no press coverage for this donation.


The cynic in me wonders why Jeep did this if not for good press, to sell more cars? Said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer of Chrysler LLC, “No, our reasons go deeper.  But yes, they do square with solid business thinking… It is common sense, as an example, that happy people are more likely to buy a car.  It may be true that money can’t buy you love or happiness. But a certain level of prosperity is still part of attaining a sense of well-being.  And in my opinion peace together with freedom is the glue that holds happiness and prosperity together.  The lives of our corporations are traditionally based on long-term business plans.  So let me ask you, why wouldn’t peace become a part of that long-term business plan?  And why wouldn’t some of the company’s resources also be invested in supporting those people who strive for these goals?”


In his acceptance speech, Penn highlighted the urgency of action.  The current government elected by the Haitian people has 4 more years of its term to continue rebuilding.  The following officials may or may not be as interested in this progress.  Mr. Penn’s role is to alert the international community of this timeline and call for support for the Haitian people.  With a rebuilding effort that would seem to be beyond anyone’s sense of urgency or timeline, Sean Penn and Jeep will keep working diligently for the justice and dignity of Haiti. Watch the video below to see what these efforts look like.


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