Cadillacs at Woody Creek Tavern

I live in Colorado, I am a writer. I was kind of embarrassed to say that I’d never been to the Woody Creek Tavern.  A pilgrimage to Hunter S. Thompson’s former stomping grounds should have been something I’d accomplished at the very least in college.  But I didn’t, not until a few weeks ago.  We took a long drive, my attorney and I.  You might not believe we didn’t travel with any of the accoutrements of the good doctor, not when I tell you we encountered unicyclists and Lamborghinis on Independence Pass.

Is that what I think it is?

At the Tavern we waited at the bar until a table opened up.  We looked at all the photos and Hunter S. Thompson memorabilia, wondered if we should order a Jameson’s even though it was only lunch.   Next to me was a woman dressed in a lovely ivory suit, and her nail polish was a very dark purply red.  I loved it, and I told her so.  And my friends, I was glad to have said it.  Had I not, I would have missed out on one of my favorite conversations in recent memory.  She introduced herself as Lucy.  She asked me what I do, and I told her I write about cars.  She asked if I knew about the new Cadillac, the ATS.  I said I sure did, and I dished about it to her.  She said she just got one and likes it, but commented that the turning radius is terrible (I completely concur).  She also noted that the suspension is so stiff she hits her head on the roof at almost every speed bump she comes across. We talked a little more about cars, but really that just opened the door to other conversation.  I love my job for this very reason.

Best Onion Rings, By The Way

We bonded.  We’re like sisters now.  Okay, we’re not but it would be awesome if we were, because this is not Lucy’s first rodeo and she has some of the best life advice you could ever want to know.  Oh, you wish I would tell you but I need to keep it in my pocket, this advice about lawyers and what to do if the DEA attempts to seize your property. She was hilarious and smart and refined.  Open in her conversation and her invitations, she gave me her calling card. I wish I had one to give in return.  Instead, I’ll give her this post.  One of my most favorite days in a long time came not from catching a glimpse of Hunter’s ghost driving his Cadillac, but at the side of a neat woman sitting in the bar talking about hers.  Cheers, Lucy!


  1. Suzanne

    I love how you write! From this post, I learned I want to eat onion rings at Woody Creek, be less shy about complimenting strangers, and to remember that if I ever have the opportunity to drive a Cadillac ATS I will not do donuts in the school’s parking lot. Bump! TGIF! I am off to pour myself an Irish whiskey.

  2. Sounds absolutely magical!

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