BMW’s 335i xDrive So Hard to Be Around

She’s so perfect I can’t even stand it. She is so pretty and she totally knows it.  You know what else sucks? Is that she’s totally nice when you’re around her.  Like, she doesn’t talk down to you at all.  It’s so hard to hate her.  I know she only hangs out with people with some cash to spare, but I almost feel like I could convince her we can be friends. If she would just lower her standards-er, price tag-we could be close.  She would get me in to the clubs and parties, make me look good.









Ugh, you know what else?  She is smart.  And she can change on a dime depending on the situation.  She can read the road and know whether to keep up the witty banter or to slow it down for us regular people to keep up.  But people who don’t know her totally judge her, you know?  They think she’s all uppity and whatever.  Yeah, she totally hangs with her fancy club types but she’s deeper than that.  It’s just a drag not everybody knows it.

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