2014 Toyota 4Runner and Winter Are Officially An Item

While they’ve not been exactly tight-lipped about their relationship in the past, the following images of the 2014 Toyota 4Runner and Winter no longer leave any doubt what we’ve always suspected-the two are committed.  Past calls to publicists indicate Winter and the 4Runner have spent time with each other, but the below paparazzi photos prove not only that the two have been together, but they are having a ball.

Playing hard to get at pond hockey?

Playing hard-to-get at pond hockey?

The attraction is undeniable and it makes all the sense in the world that these two should be a couple.  They complement each other so well we are surprised it’s taken so long for all to acknowledge their good fit.  The 4Runner handles Winter’s finicky mood swings with cheer and resolve.  It’s flexibility with Winter’s whims is impressive, kicking into 4-wheel drive with the greatest of ease.

And it seems the holidays don’t daunt this flawless couple!  They were not afraid to show their love for each other when spotted out at the Christmas Tree lot searching for the perfect tannenbaum.  Strolling around looking at holiday lights was a delight with these two, indulging in hot chocolate and some blowing snow.

But we can’t say we blame them for being off in a hurry, we’d love to spend more time with the two of them ourselves!  In fact, our spies caught the 4Runner cooking up something special for Winter.  What a special, spicy relationship, can we have some more?

Hastily departing 4Runner up in our grilles!

Hastily departing 4Runner up in our grilles!

4Runner dashing off for more fun with winter

4Runner dashing off for more fun with Winter

Cookin' up some love for winter

Cookin’ up some love for Winter




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