Check Out My 2014 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, Brah

Dude, checkit.  I got this Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid and it’s pretty rad. It’s all normal like a regular Crosstrek but then, bam!  Hybrid! Zero emissions man! And it’s better on gas, sorta, so you won’t have to pony up as much for gas money.

I can't wait to go kayaking!

I can’t wait to go kayaking!

Anyway, I’m totally psyched cuz I got the roof rack crossbar set with the canoe carrier and the bike carrier so we can kick it this summer.  But man, just know we gotta pack like, totally light cuz I wanna bring the dog and it’s not a massive cargo area, you know?  Pack more like, like when we go back packing, alright?

And we can totally hit the hills hard this winter ’cause I got the ski and snowboard carrier too.  It’s cool cuz it’s AWD so we won’t get stuck like we did that one time, remember?  Dude, that sucked! If we did get stuck it’d be alright though cuz I have butt warmers, man!  We’d be stuck but we’d be stoked! Ha!

Pack light, Bragh

Pack light, Amigo

Yeah, it’s cool.  It’s pretty fun and even though it makes like, a totally loud revving noise when you’re like, just starting off when the light turns green it’s alright cuz it’s the CVT.  That’s what the sales dude said.  And it’s pretty funny cuz the dog howls along with it, so whatever.  But yeah, it gets me up the hills no problem so it’s all good.

Hey, is that home brew of yours ready yet? Yeah? Right on, I’ll totally come have some.  You should name it Subabrew.  Ha!

It's got butt-warmers

It’s got butt-warmers

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