Summer Reads: Q60 Shades Of Grey

Here at Soulmobiles, we have our favorite summer reads.  Right now, we are into coupes and the 2014 Q60 takes our beach-bleached brains for a sophisticated turn.  But not too sophisticated, it’s still easy to be with and provides page-tuning fun.  Here is a sampling of the Q60’s offerings:

Q60 Shades of Grey

Q60 Shades of Grey

“I learned quickly of the Infiniti Q60’s intentions.  It was polite enough to provide room for four guests, but revealed its inner scoundrel by really only preferring my company and that of one other passenger.”


“While it was handsome to look at, it wasn’t so good-looking as to be intimidating.  It was subtly sexy.  And when it was turned on, the Q60 quietly rumbled in a way that thrilled me, and made me want more.”


“As I pressed the ball of my foot to the Q60’s pedal, urging it on, the Q60 responded by surging forward with thrust that took my breath away.”

Sporty or sexy? Or both?

Sporty or sexy? Or both?


“He said, ‘May I support your thigh?’  The mere mention of it made my knees weak.”

The Q60 made me enjoy some alone time with a car again.  It was possible I could let the Q60 into my life, but only with the understanding that we secretly would want to be with each other and no one else.




Your thighs look tired.

Your thighs look tired. Allow me to help.

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