2013 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Superpowers: Sky Control And Magic Vision

You know that conversation starter, “If you could pick one super hero power, what would it be?”  In flagrant violation of the rules, Mercedes-Benz decided one was not enough. The 2013 SL-Class at the Detroit Auto show boasts a couple superpowers that sound like they will knock your socks off.

Among many already cool powers, the new SL-Class will use a 429 horsepower V8 to go from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.  It’s got aluminum everywhere, including the body and portions of the suspension to make it all lightweight.  But sit tight, those are nothing compared to Magic Sky Control.



“What the what?” you say.  “Yes, Magic Sky Control,” says Mercedes-Benz.  The SL-Class has a retractable hard top that offers the optional Magic Sky Control feature.  This transparent roof will lighten or darken at the push of a button.  According to Mercedes-Benz, “In the light setting, it is virtually transparent, offering an open-air experience even in cold weather.  In its dark state, the roof provides welcome shade and prevents the interior from heating up in bright sunlight.”  Okay, that’s not quite what I thought of when I first heard the phrase Magic Sky Control, though I admit it could be cool.

But wait, Mercedes-Benz isn’t done!  They’ve also selected Magic Vision Control as their other superpower.  Surely, Magic Vision Control must be like laser-eyes, or x-ray vision.  Not exactly.  MVC is actually a souped-up wiper/washer system.  They’ve put a clever wiper blade on the SL-Class that “judiciously dispenses wash fluid just in front of the wiper blade via channels integrated into the blade – in both directions.”  This system prevents extra water or washer fluid buildup on the windshield and prevents fluid from spraying into your happy passenger compartment when the roof is down.  In addition to judicious fluid management, MVC also heats the wiper blade so in cold temperatures you’re not worrying about the blade icing up.  Okay, that’s pretty slick.

Maybe next year Merecedes-Benz will choose invisibility or super strength, but Magic Vision Control and Magic Sky Control will certainly tide me over.


  1. Jeni Gielow

    Nice work!! Wow! Very impressive!

  2. Suzanne Hanson

    Magic Sky Control sounds phenomenal. I imagine soon Mercedes may include computerized stargazing maps (and such) similar to my stargazing iphone app! Love the review.

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