2012 Fiat 500’s Rosso Brillante Is Magnifica!

My recent test of the Fiat 500 has me thinking about Italy.  Back in the Renaissance, painters used lapis lazuli as the pigment for blue paint.  Lapis had value, and when hard times hit, people would sneak into churches and cathedrals and chip the blue paint off the wall.  This gave the people the means to sustain themselves for a little while longer, but it took its toll on the frescoes of Italy.  In many works of art you can see evidence of the pilfering, where deep blue once infused the frescoes with depth now there is a washed out blue-tinged beige.

Is there a better red?


I wonder if Italy wants to recreate this phenomena today.  The red color of my 2012 Fiat 500 was at least to steal for, if not to die for.  It’s called Rosso Brillante and I wanted to lick it.  The color started off at a nice, saturated red and then just when I thought that was all, a glimmer of sun peeked through the February clouds and shazam!  Metallic glitter deliciousness popped out from nowhere.  This added a whole new emphasis on the curves of the vehicle on the outside.  Inside, the red was abundant and delicious.  I adored being surrounded by it, like wearing a beautiful dress or perfect red nail polish.  I’m certain if I chipped the paint off the car I could exchange it for something valuable, it does cost an additional $500 to get, after all.



So you can keep your Rosso Corsa and your Candy Apple.  Give me Rosso Brilliante any (and every) day of the week!


  1. Joe, Zaccagnino

    Reminds me of updates the old Fiat, cute but not to safe. In this country we have to many big cars and trucks on the road for this to be a safe car.

  2. wow! the red on the interior! yum!

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